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As a new homeowner, you want to protect your investment. Here you'll find all you need to know about new home dos and don'ts, seasonal maintenance tips and more to help you take care of your new home.


icicles hanging from roof


What is attic rain?

During periods of extended cold weather, moisture from your living space and outside sources carried by air movement can accumulate on the underside of the roof sheathing and on roof trusses. Learn what attic rain is and what you can do to prevent it. ...Read More





Top 6 tips to manage indoor humidity levels

With our cold winter weather in full swing, the appearance of condensation on your windows is a common occurrence – here are some ways you can avoid or reduce it from forming on your windows. ...Read More 





How to winterize your furnace and hot water tank

Over the winter months, it's important to ensure that your gas furnace and hot water tanks are not suffering from a blocked intake or exhaust pipe due to a build-up of frost or ice. Find out why.  ...Read More

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